Church Staff

Church Staff
    SENIOR PASTOR - Rev. John A. Jameson
  • On July 27, 2014, Pastor John was installed as Christ Lutheran's Senior Pastor.

    Pastor John has a background in computer science and has been an LCMS
    ordained minister since 1990.  His wife, Vicki, and he have four grown children: 3 sons,
    sons, Michael, David and Johnny, and 1 daughter, Jade.

    Pastor John's email address is:

    DIRECTOR OF COUNSELING - Dr. Thomas Murray
  • Dr. Tom and his wife, Jane, are originally from Wisconsin and have been
    married for 40 years.  Jeff and Katie are their two grown children.  They
    have been members of Christ Lutheran since 1976.  Tom is a licensed
    psychologist since completing graduate studies at Ball State University
    in 1974.  He retired in 2019 and is now committing his time to counseling
    members of Christ Lutheran Church and members of our community.

    Dr. Tom has been the Director of Counseling at Christ since 1991.

    Tom Murray's email address is:

    DIRECTOR OF MUSIC - Joy Ann Wisler
  • Joy joins the staff at Christ, bringing with her a broad range of experience as
    organist, pianist and adult and youth choir director.  She began her training at
    the age of 5 with piano lessons.  At age 12 she began classical and church
    organ study, and continued her education as an organ major at Anderson
    University studying under Prof. Shirley Coolidge.  Her playing has included
    serving as an organist and pianist for the International Convention of the
    Church Of God.  Joy looks forward to using her talents to enhance and develop
    the music program here at Christ Lutheran.

    Joy and her husband, Jan, have two grown sons - David and Brad.

    Joy Wisler's email address is:

  • Bethany joined our church staff May of 2009.  Bethany has a grown daughter,
    Maeve, and two grandsons, Cameron and Emmett.

    Bethany's email address is:  

    BUILDING SUPERVISOR - Charles Curless
  • Curly is serving at Christ as the on-staff caretaker of our facilities, performing the routine
    tasks of cleaning, minor maintenance items, and setting up spaces for various activities
    and events.  He also serves regularly on the ushering crew and is a member of the
    Board of Trustees.

    He is an avid bowler and golfer and even has a "300" bowling game to his credit.

    Curly and his wife, Diana, live in Anderson.

    Curly’s email address is: