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Latest News
    Free Webinar with Greg & Susan Finke - 9/17/2020
  • Hello all members and friends of Christ Lutheran Church!

    Many of you know that back in April we were scheduled to have Pastor Greg Finke, the author of Joining Jesus on His Mission, lead us in a training workshop so that we could be better resourced to build relationships with those whom God has placed around us. We have had to reschedule that initial training workshop for April 23-35 of 2021, and look forward to refocusing for that event. In the meantime, Pastor Finke and his wife, Susan, have graciously produced a video webinar to help us get to know them and to give us some thoughts about how we can join Jesus on His mission during these strange days of COVID-19. The details are below. I hope you can join in!

    Pastor John

    A Free Webinar
    with Greg & Susan Finke!

    "How to Join Jesus in a Season of Social Distancing"

    Join Greg and Susan Finke as they present this free webinar on Saturday, September 26, 9:00-10:00 a.m. CST.

    One of the questions Dwelling 1:14 has been asked the most over the last six months is, "How can we live missionally when we are in an extended seaon of social distancing? How can we develop relationships with our neighbors when we are constantly being reminded to keep our distance?"

    We're so glad you asked!

    While our mission remains the same, our methods for joining Jesus during the pandemic have had to shift.

    Join this free one-hour webinar as Greg and Susan present their best practices for joining Jesus on His mission during a season of social distancing. Significant Q/A with the Finke's is included. (Please submit any questions for discussion to or add them to the chat during the Webinar.)

    Register by clicking on the button below. Invite your whole congregation to participate!

    Can't join the fun live? No worries! Register now and you'll have access to a recording of the webinar to view at your convenience.

    A free PDF download with the Finke's major points comes with your registration, as well.

    Register for Webinar Here
    Pastor's Weekly Note - 9/17/2020
  • September 17, 2020
    Dear friends in Christ,
    Have you ever been out of sorts? This week has been a bit like that for me. Some would credit my lapses to the increase in my age which I experienced on Tuesday. Others would attribute it to my out-of-the-ordinary trip to Logansport this week (I normally do not travel to Logansport on a weekly, or even yearly, basis). Whatever the root causes, I have been a little behind on a few things and have actually forgotten a couple . . . like this note, which normally goes out on Wednesdays.
    I am normally not out of sorts. Those who know me can attest to the fact that I like to keep everything in order and usually have everything under control. But sometimes even control freaks like me get a little flustered, which is not an experience control freaks enjoy experiencing.
    I don’t know that the prophet, Elijah, was a control freak. I just know that he tended to freak out when he realized he was not in control. After his (actually God’s) big power display over the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18), Queen Jezebel promised to hunt him down and kill him within 24 hours. One would think that after seeing God do His thing with the Baal prophets, that Elijah would not be too concerned about the threats of a single queen. But Elijah freaks out and runs away as fast as he can; the exact words are he “ran for his life.” Finding himself no longer in control, he even requested to God that his life be taken from him . . . “he requested for himself that he might die.” He was so out of sorts he didn’t know what to do!
    And then God sends an angel with bread and water . . . and did it again. And strengthened by those gifts from God, he traveled forty days and forty nights to a cave in Horeb, the mountain of God. It was there that God met with him . . . not in the strong wind that was rending the mountain and breaking the rocks in pieces; not in the earthquake; not in the fire; but in the sound of a gentle blowing . . . a still, small voice.
    It’s ok to be flustered. It’s ok to be out of sorts. Even when life gets fairly chaotic, it’s ok to feel out of control. But while you are doing all of those things, remember that God desires to bring His still, small voice to you to bring you calm and comfort and peace in Christ Jesus. He is always present, and He will always be for you.
    Pastor John

    Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class - Restarting September 13th - 8/19/2020
  • In an effort to slowly add back in opportunities for our congregation's spiritual growth and mission, Pastor John will restart his Sunday morning adult Bible class on September 13th during the 9am hour. Participants are welcome to gather in the Fellowship Hall for the class. Appropriate physical distancing will be in place. Please wear a mask during class time out of respect for all. It would also be helpful for you to wash your hands before class and after class to protect yourself and others.
    Pastor John will be leading a study on the first eleven chapters of the Book of Genesis. When Pastor John took this class at the seminary (way back in the day!), the professor only made it through chapter 3. Pastor John hopes to move us all the way through the 11th chapter prior to the end of December . . . of this year! Hope to see you there on September 13th.

    Message from the Congregational President - 6/26/2020
  • July Update: Covid-19 & Church Procedures

    To give you an update, while the State of Indiana is set to move into Phase 5 (which means most things are back to fully open) beginning July 4th, the Church Council at our Zoom meeting on June 21st decided we are not quite ready to just open everything back up yet.  So, for the month of July we will continue with the current plan we have in place now, with some minor tweaks and easing. 

    While masks are still a good idea in these times, masks are optional.  We have noticed that most of you are still wearing your masks.  We will continue to practice Social Distancing by leaving portions of the pews closed through July.  It is still a good idea to begin seating from the front, however the Ushers will be more flexible in allowing you to choose where you want to sit in the sanctuary.

    The Church Council will continue to monitor the news on how Indiana is doing and will be making decisions month-by-month as to changes in these procedures.  While some South and Southwest states have seen an up-tick in Covid-19 cases, Indiana (and surrounding states) seems to be doing relatively well.  We are hopeful that by September we can begin reopening Sunday School and many other gatherings, however it is still unknown until we get closer to that time.

    Please continue to pray for our leaders as we make these decisions and for the safety and health of all our members and community of friends.  If you have any concerns or questions, always feel free to talk with Pastor or a Council member at any time.

    God’s blessing of Peace be with you,
    Brian Poore, President

    PHOTOS - Our First Sunday Back! - 5/17/2020
  • Sunday, May 17th, was our first time to come together as a church family to worship since the beginning of March!  Click the link below to see pics from our time together.

    Our First Sunday Back!


    Covid-19 Guidelines and Procedures UPDATED - 5/17/2020
    May 17, 2020

    In order to ensure the safety of our congregation and all those attending worship, Church Council, Board of Worship, and Board of Trustees have developed guidelines that will enable us to return to corporate worship services while maintaining a safe environment for all concerned.  Implementation of these guidelines will be done in phases beginning now with a very restrictive approach.  As the threat of exposure to Covid-19 diminishes, less restrictive phases will be implemented.

    The following are guidelines that will be in effect for resuming services on May 17, 2020.

    Safety Precautions

    • If you are in a high-risk group (individuals who are 65 and above or who have an underlying at-risk health condition) or have been in contact with any individual who is, you should consider delaying attendance.

    • If you are currently feeling ill, have a fever, or have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus, church attendance should be delayed for at least 14 days.

    • Masks/face coverings are highly recommended.

    • Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the Gathering Room.

    • Please practice social distancing, staying at least 6 feet from others.

    • Entrance to the church building will be only through the Main Entrance at the front of the building.

    Worship Service Considerations

    • Worshipers will be seated by ushers, beginning in the front of the sanctuary.  Please keep a safe distance as you wait to be seated.

    • Bulletins will be in the pews for your convenience.

    • We ask that personal items such as coats and jackets be kept with you during the service.

    • Please follow instructions as given by Pastor for receiving Communion.

    • The congregation will be dismissed by row beginning with the back pews.  

    • Offering plates will be placed at the side doors for giving at the close of the service.

    • We ask that you move to the exits as quickly as possible to avoid congestion in the Gathering Room.

    Other Considerations

    • During this phase, there will be no Sunday School for any age group.

    • The only areas of the church open for use on Sundays are the Sanctuary, the Gathering Room, and the upstairs restrooms.

    • No Nursery facilities are available at this time.

    • If children are in Worship, they should remain in the pew with their parents during Pastor’s Children’s Talk.

    • Little Worship is suspended until Fall.

    • All other small group meetings are cancelled at this time.

    • The areas used in the church building will be cleaned and sanitized between services.

    This is an unprecedented time for all of us.  Please be patient and considerate as we work through this time together.  Things will be changing as conditions allow.  We will be letting you know of revisions as they occur.

    Please be praying for an end to this pandemic and a return to normalcy.  But no matter what happens, we are assured that THE LORD IS WITH US ALWAYS!