Lenten Devotionals

Lenten Devotionals

The Lutheran Hour publishes devotional booklets every year for the season of Lent.  This year's publication is titled "People of the Passion"  Below you will find links to click on to either read the devotional booklet or to download it to your e-reader.

The human ensemble in Jesus’ Passion is a diverse cast and far older than the period of Jesus’ ministry. Beyond the well-known contemporaries of Jesus like Judas, Pilate, Herod, Mary Magdalene, John, and Peter, there are many others with a role in this divine drama. In People of the Passion, you’ll see God at work—from the fall of man to the first century—slowly, steadily, unfolding His master plan of love and redemption.

Centuries before Christ, God was preparing the way for His Son’s arrival. From mankind’s original sin through the children of Israel’s on-again, off-again obedience, God was faithful, honoring his promise to Eve (Genesis 3:15), which first pointed to Jesus. In People of the Passion, you will see God working through the lives of ordinary people to achieve His ultimate aim; our salvation. There are prophets, priests, and kings, servants, soldiers, and civilians -- each with a role in the high drama of Christ’s passion. You may see yourself in some of these people -- ordinary individuals who, like us, need a Savior.

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